Sylvan and I had a blast visiting with our Parent/Baby Group friends at the Children’s museum. Sylvan especially enjoyed playing with Miles, who we stayed with when we first arrived in Seattle. Miles talks more than Sylvan, and she has picked up some excellent habits from him, as well as from Josh, who we also stayed with later in our visit. Sylvan says “Thank You” all the time now, which Miles also does. It sounds like “Doot Doo” but the intonation is right. Miles also taught her how to ride her scooter bike without being pushed. She is still practicing this, because it’s harder on the carpeted floor at our house. Josh and Alex taught Sylvan to stand on Josh’s plastic step stool and wash her hands. She thinks this is great fun and seems to have developed a case of OCD. She wants to wash her hands all the time now. I got her a plastic step stool this weekend, which she carries all around the house to look out the window and reach the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. I am also hoping she will learn to use it to get up on the couch, but NOT to punch all the buttons on the stereo. Time to move all the untouchable items another foot higher! We visited the Seattle Aquarium with Josh and his parents. That was neat, and Sylvan loved the tidal pools where she could touch the star fish and other sea creatures.

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