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The Scareys have been enjoying the summer.  We had a cooler spring and a milder summer, so we’re looking forward to some camping this fall and probably a horrendous winter to make up for all the nice weather we’ve had.  Sylvan is looking forward to starting Kindergarten in a few short weeks.  We have our annual beach trip coming up in a week, so we are looking forward to that as well.  Happy Summer!

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Photo Gallery

Spring Dance Recital
April 2009

NEW!  Videos of Sylvan performing the Warrior dance and the Roaring Water Jig.

Misc Summer Pictures

Some highlights of the summer

Dutch Wonderland
Aug 2008

Sylvan, Sacha and Jenny spent a beautiful day at Dutch Wonderland and rode ALL the rides.

Steve's 40th Birthday
July 26 2008

Steve rang in a new decade with friends and surprises

Sylvan's Birthday Party
May 2008

Sylvan’s birthday party at a local park with friends and family.

Club Libby Lu
April 2008

Sylvan attended a birthday party for her friend Margo at Club Libby Lu.  Caution:  There’s a lot of PINK!

VIDEO: Irish Dance Recital
June 2008

Watch Sylvan Dance!  She is the one w/ pigtails and is the smallest in the class.

Faerie Festival
June 2008

See all the fairies and a unicorn too!

Jan 2008

Sylvan and Miles whooped it up in Seattle!

Christmas Day
Dec 25, 2007

All the Scareys had a great Yule!

Christmas Prep
Dec 2007

Getting ready for the holidays!

November 2007

Suzanne and Julian came to visit and spend Turkey Day with us.

Halloween 2007
Oct 31

Sylvan, Allison and Julian terrorize the neighbors and get candy

Pumpkin Patch
Oct 27

Sylvan enjoys the rides and chooses pumpkins

Sept 22 - 23

Sylvan’s first camping trip     

Beach Week 2007
Aug 27 - 31

Our annual fun in North Carolina

Aug 12 - 13

Steve and Connor spent a weekend visiting Antietam battlefield

July 2007

Some fun pictures from over the Summer.

July 4th
July 4

Sacha and Sylvan enjoy July 4th festivities with friends.


Choir Concert at Hellgate, National Bison Range, video games, dance studio

Glacier Park

Our Day trip to Many Glacier.

Katie's Graduation

Brunch, gifts, grad ceremony, post grad at Grandad’s.


Sacha went to Moscow on a short business trip and did a little sightseeing.

Casey's Wedding
May 25 - 28

Steve’s Cousin Casey got married at a neat resort outside Austin, TX.

4th Birthday Party
May 20

Sylvan parties hard with her friends.

Hershey Park
Apr 28

Auntie, Sacha and Sylvan had a great time at Hershey Park.

April/May 2007
Apr - May

Here are a bunch of pictures from April and May, including Mother’s Day.

Easter 2007

Sylvan hunts those pesky Easter eggs once more.

March 2007

A bunch of pictures from March. 

Jan-Feb 2007
Feb 25

Sylvan loves the snow! 

Seattle Part II
Jan 18

Exploring the Children’s Museum and PEPS on Bainbridge

Seattle Part I
Jan 12

We got to meet Baby Micah! Sylvan and Miles get re-acquainted. 

Salmon Lake
Dec 27-29

Living it up at Montana Island Lodge.

Skiing in MT
Dec 26

Sylvan’s first ski trip!

Christmas Day
Dec 25

We spent Christmas with the Careys.

Before Xmas
Dec 23-24

We made it to Missoula, got ready for Xmas.

Holiday Parties
Dec 15

Sylvan parties hard with her friends at her school party.

Tree Trimming
Dec 5

Decorating the Yule Tree

Nov 10

ylvan learns thumb wrestling from Grandpa, climbs a tree

3 Years, 5 1/2 Months

Irish dance, dress up, and gourd puppeteering

3 Years, 5 Months

Sylvan and Steve get some exercise.

Halloween 2006
Oct 31

Sylvan the Purple Monkey

Pumpkin Patch

Picking out pumpkins and meeting some animal friends

Beach 2006
Aug 28

Sylvan and Sacha spent a week in North Carolina at the beach. 

Aug 19-20

Steve and Connor spent a weekend in Gettysburg.

Ellie's Wedding
Aug 3

My stepsister, Ellie, and her boyfriend, Dave, tied the knot in Pittsburgh. 

3 Years, 3 Months
July 25

Sylvan practices being a flower girl. 

Dress Up
July 20

Sylvan’s favorite new game: DRESS UP!  

Amusement Park
July 15

Sylvan, Auntie and Sacha had a “Dutch Wonderful” time at Dutch Wonderland

Pittsburgh Visit
July 2

Sylvan helped Gram pack up her house and discovered the new carousel.

3 Years, 1 month
June 30

Sylvan’s first dentist visit, discovering fans and donuts.

3 Years
May 31

Sylvan dresses up in her new birthday clothes!

Sylvan's 3rd Birthday
May 31

Sylvan’s Big Backyard Birthday Bash!

Almost 3
May 31

Opening a present from Miles, and spending time with Grandpa and Lily.

May 7

We visited the Baby Panda, Tai Shan at the National Zoo.

Easter 2006
May 7

MMMmmmmmm Chocolate Rabbit ears are delicious!  

2 years, 11 months

The usual antics and two new hairstyles. 

2 years, 10 months
Mar 26

Did you know Sylvan can juggle? 

Snowy Day
Feb 12

We got 12 inches of snow!  Look at all the fun we had!  

Seattle Visit
Jan 15, 2006

Sylvan and Sacha visited with all of our Seattle friends.   

2 Years, 7 1/2 Months
Jan 11, 2006

Punk Rock Carey kids, cuddles, cake and more!  

Christmas Day 2005
Dec 25

Sylvan, Katie and Connor enjoy gifts and time together on Christmas Day.

Dec 20

Lots of family came to town, and we had our first two dinner parties in the house!

2 years, 7 months
Dec 14

Thanksgiving pictures and the last few days at the old apartment

All Moved In
Dec 14

Pictures of us unpacking and the snowfall at the new house

Lunch with Santa
Dec 14

Sylvan went to a lunch w/ Santa at Auntie’s subdivision and had a great time.

2 years, 5 1/2 months
Nov 21

Sylvan plays in the fall leaves and helps pack.

Oct 31

Sylvan goes to Maria’s Halloween Party and Parade

New House
Oct 27

Photos of the new Scarey House!  

2 years, 4 1/2 months
Oct 27

Sylvan goes to the Pumpkin Patch with Auntie, and plays at home.  

2 years, 4 months
Oct 12

Sylvan goes Army with Daddy, and gets new dress up clothes.

2 years, 3 1/2 months
Sept 9

Sylvan visits with Cousin Julian, and goes to Pittsburgh to see Gram, Grandpa and Grandma Lily.  

2 years, 3 months
Aug 29

Hide, Seek and playing dress up.

Sylvan at the Beach
Aug 18

Sylvan’s trip to the beach with Gram, Auntie, Nancy and Scottie.

2 years, 2 months
Aug 6

Sylvan gets a new haircut and a purple snake, and wears her Chinese dancing outfit. 

2 years, 7 weeks
July 20

Lots of pictures from the Hoeglund Family Reunion in Dallas, TX.

2 years, 5 weeks
July 6

A trip to the zoo, itsy bitsy spider, and Sylvan enjoys the July 4th parade.  

2 years, 4 weeks
June 29

Kitty Face Part II.  Steve gets a big welcome home.  

2 years, 3 weeks
June 22

C is For Cookie, Talking on the phone, and Hop on Pop.  

Memorial Day
May 29

We visited Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.  

2 years, 2 weeks
June 3

Aidan’s Pool Party, hats and sunglasses, and airplanes with Daddy are So Much Fun!  

2 years, 1 week
May 22

Opening birthday presents, playing MONSTERS with Auntie, playing with new toys and going to the zoo with Apa and Grandma Lily.  

2nd Birthday Party
May 15

Happy Birthday to Sylvan!  Lots of photos from her Elmo themed birthday party in the park.   

23 Months, 3 weeks
May 19

The Biker Grrl in Sylvan emerges, she experiments with Face Painting.

23 Months, 2 weeks
May 7

Sylvan learns all about dry ice and how to play hopscotch.  Meet Sylvan’s new friend Marley the Kitten…

23 Months
Apr 27

Sylvan plays the Pouring Game, visits with Gram and Daddy gets HOME!  

22 Months, 1 week
Apr 13

Sylvan played with sidewalk chalk, had a playdate and visited the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin.  

Easter 2005
Mar 27

Sylvan races through her egg hunt and enjoys the park on Easter Sunday. 

22 Months
Mar 21

Sylvan plays with the toddler in the mirror, sits and spins, and shows off her shampoo hair-dos. 

21 Months, 1 week
Mar 16

Steve gets a big welcome home!  

21 Months
Mar 13

Sylvan drives her car in her movie star glasses and visits the Zoo with Auntie Jenny and Great Uncle Scottie. 

20 Months, 3 weeks
Mar 1

Sylvan tries out sledding, a purple tutu and plays with her big pink ball.

20 Months, 2 weeks
Feb 18

Sylvan floats like a butterfly in her leotard and tights before dance class and discovers her new table and chairs.

20 Months, 1 week
Feb 8

The magnadoodle takes center stage at playtime and Sacha’s new red heels become dress up fun.

20 Months
Jan 30

Sylvan reads a birth announcement and plays in the snow in Virginia.

Jan 14 - 23

Sylvan, Jenny and I visited friends, the Children’s Museum, and the Aquarium in Seattle. 

19 Months 2 Weeks
Jan 14

Sylvan reads in her new rocker, tries on Daddy’s hats, and reads books with Elmo.

19 Months
Jan 4, 2005

Sylvan gets ready for Christmas and shows some of her new holiday clothes on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas 2004
Dec 25

See Sylvan playing with her new toys and sitting in her peddle car. 

18 Months, 3 Weeks
Dec 19

Sylvan wears her new red corduroy dress, put stickers on her advent calendar, and gives love to her new baby dolls.

18 1/2 Months
Dec 12

See Sylvan with a blue nose, getting ready for the holidays, and spending time with friends.

18 Months
Nov 29

See Sylvan after a fall in the mud, climbing on Mom, and eating a banana by herself. 

Nov 13

Sylvan and Gram paint the town red in Chicago and visit friends. 

Oct. 31

My cousin Pam’s son, Cole, showed Sylvan how to go trick-or-treating in his cul-de-sac. 

17 Months
Oct. 25

Watch Sylvan showing where her bellybutton is, in Halloween regalia, and playing in the fall leaves.

16 Months, 3 Weeks
Oct. 18

See Sylvan’s new cousin, Julian Franz.  Sylvan plays with family, talks on the phone and gets a haircut. 

16 Months, 2 Weeks
Oct 11

This week Sylvan struts in her new shoes, visits friends in Pittsburgh and goes to the playground. 

16 Months, 1 Week
Oct 4

Don’t miss Sylvan walking all around outside in her ladybug shoes, eating rocks and playing ball.

16 Months
Sept. 27

Sylvan discovers balloons, bird purses, and piggyback rides. 

Steve:  Week 2
Aug. 9

Our week at home with Steve. 

Steve:  Week 1
Aug. 2

Our week at the beach in North Carolina.  Steve surprised us on Day 3 of our visit. 

12 Months
May '04

Some photos from around April/May, including Sylvan in her birthday bonnet and dress!

Older Pictures

Here are the original pages from the first version of Sylvan's website


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