In our pre-holiday activities we had a long parade of house guests to try out our new guest room. I felt that we really made use of the new house in all the festivities and guests, and it made for a great holiday for us. Our first dinner party in the new house was having two couples over for dumplings, plus our friend Jack was visiting from Seattle. You can see Sylvan with Una, the daughter of some friends, as they ran around the house in santa hats. They had a great time. Sylvan also went to Auntie’s house and saw her newly decorated room at Auntie’s house – a purple room with butterfly accents, including butterfly wings for Sylvan to wear.

We also had a large dinner for all of Sacha’s local family on the 23rd. That was our holiday celebration with them, which included 11people in our little house for appetizers, gift opening and then dinner and dessert. Now that’s what I call “housewarming”. Sylvan was quite the hostess, letting us know who needed more “juice” and entertaining everyone with her singing, dancing, and playing. She also took over her role as ‘Christmas boy’ and distributed all of the gifts to their intended recipients. Sylvan got a ladybug raincoat to match her ladybug rain boots, a new Elmo shirt, bath toys, temporary tattoos, sticker books and paint with water books, to name a few of her favorite items. She also had a spirited game of catch with Auntie – she is very good at catching the ball!

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