Easter 2005

Sylvan had attended the 5th birthday party of her cousin Cole the day before Easter, which was a Pirate themed party, and there was a scavenger hunt for (plastic) gold coins all over the house. Sylvan was the youngest participant in the hunt, but she managed to score 10 coins for herself, which is the perfect number with which to practice our counting skills. We have been counting them a lot. Anyway, the coin hunt was an excellent training run for the egg hunt that took place the next day. On Easter Sunday Sylvan and I got up and played with her Easter Basket, then went to the park, which we had completely to ourselves because all the good Christians were in the Church next door to the park. She took a 2 hour nap and then we went over to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Scott’s house. I did change her into a fancy dress before we went, and you can see how much she liked that – especially the bonnet. This is the same dress she wore on her first birthday, and now it’s pretty much too small. Nancy and Scott had hidden about 3 dozen plastic eggs filled with goldfish crackers. Sylvan saw one as soon as she walked in, and in no time she was racing around the house finding eggs and putting them in her basket as though there were other kids competing against her (which there weren’t). We all had a great time watching her and giving her clues to find the eggs, even though they were mostly in plain sight. We had a very nice Easter Dinner with Nancy, Scott and Jenny and then Jenny hid the eggs again and Sylvan hunted them again. We have had several more egg hunts this week at our house.

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