All Moved In

Sylvan is Queen of Cardboard supervising the unpacking at the new house. You can also her new big girl bed, which arrived on Saturday. She seems to like it. I like that I can get in it with her when she wakes up too early and snuggle her back to sleep. Sylvan found her bike helmet (a hand-me-down we got from a friend) when we were unpacking this week. She immediately wanted to put it on, and was completely obsessed with it for several days. She would have worn the thing to bed if we had let her. She also insisted that Daddy go in the basement and get his helmet, and they both wore them around the house one morning. We had two snowfalls last week and Sylvan insisted on going out to check it out before the sun came up. It wasn’t wet enough for a snowman, but we played in it anyway.

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