3 Years, 5 1/2 Months

Sylvan and Steve put on some puppet shows using the small gourds we got for Thanksgiving decorations for our table. Very creative. We also went to an Irish Music Festival at a local park, where Sylvan saw 4 and 5 year olds doing Irish step dancing. Apparently she was quite impressed with this, because she started doing her version of Irish step in her mary janes (she calls them her “clicky shoes”) while we played the Riverdance soundtrack at home. You can see pictures of this here. She also wore her Austrian knee socks because the dancers also sported knee socks! Since then, we rented the Riverdance movie and so far she has refused to let us return it. We have since ordered our own copy. She knows the names of the dancers and likes to watch it over and over again. We found a dance school here that starts kids at age 4, so she may get to take classes next year if this fascination continues.

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