2 Years, 7 Weeks

Sylvan got to meet her 8 – month old cousin Julian at this reunion. He is a very good baby with an excellent disposition, as you can see. Yes, his eyes are really that blue (inherited from his Austrian Grandma, Maria)! Steve got to try out his Uncle-ing skills and seemed to meet the challenge. Steve and Suzanne’s cousin Kate and her husband, Kamal, have baby Uma, who you also see below. She is very big on smiling, which I tried to capture in these photos with her parents and her grandma, Steve’s Aunt Gabrilla. Sylvan also had a great time jumping on the bed in our room. She fell off once and flipped all the way over, so she did not land on her head, thankfully, but was quite scared by the fall. Somehow, that did not stop her from subsequent jumping. You can see that we pretty much stayed at the hotel around the pool for most of the time in Texas, spending time with family and staying cool. It was a fun trip.

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