2 Years, 5 1/2 Months

I took this series of pictures of Sylvan one day when we were playing outside. She was doing ballet and jumping all around, chasing squirrels and looking for her friend Molly the Cat. There was a very upset squirrel up in a tree, making all kinds of noise and whining. Sylvan was glaring at him and she wanted to know why he was making that noise. I thought maybe Molly had treed him, but Sylvan said she thought the squirrel needed a nap! The other pictures were taken right before or during her pneumonia. The stickers were a sick kid project I gave her, since she wasn’t up to much else. She always loves stickers, and these she stuck to the cushions and pillows on the couch. Daddy gave her hot chocolate one day when it was cold. She really liked that, and you can see the chocolate left on her face. The last picture is of all the boxes in our house right now. We created a little hallway area in the living room and she likes to stand inside that and peek out at us through the boxes.

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