2 Years, 3 Weeks

Sylvan needed some coaxing, but finally decided it might be fun to climb on Daddy. She has great balance, and even managed to stay up there when Steve started to wiggle. But in the end, All Fall Down. We had a grand time playing with my sarong, which was in our bag of stuff for the pool. Sylvan thought it was great to hide under it and play peek-a-boo with me. You can see her “hiding”, popping out and asking “where did Mommy go” when it was my turn to hide, in the photos below. The other series of pictures is of Steve and Sylvan singing the “C is for Cookie” song and doing a finger pointing and dancing (at least Sylvan was) routine while they sang the song. That was hilarious. Series III is of Sylvan talking on her toy flip phone. She hasn’t seen it in a while and was delighted and surprised every time it rang. I got some good pictures of her very best smiles, and I love her lounging on the floor position towards the end.

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