2 Years, 3 Months

Now that Sylvan has learned about hiding, she likes to “hide” all the time. This might be worrisome for some parents, but lucky for us, Sylvan always announces to us that “My hiding behind chair, Mommy” so we need not worry about where she might be. After she announces where she is hiding, we say the requisite “Where could Sylvan be?” and then wait for her to pop out and “surprise” us. As you can see below, she was hiding behind one of her little chairs in the living room, and also under the tablecloth during breakfast with Steve the other day. Sylvan really likes hiding and being found. She has also been playing a lot with a set of four colorful rubber balls that Katie and Connor sent for Xmas last year. They are really a nice size, soft enough to play with indoors, and partially deflated so they are easy for her to catch. She’s gotten pretty good at catching, for a two year old. She often assigns each color to a different person, and that day the green ball was supposed to be mine. You can see that after she posed with it, she was trying to hand it to me while I was taking the pictures. She got pretty mad at the end when I wasn’t taking it, hence the about-to-cry face at the end. She also started doing different things with the purple feather boa. For a long time it was The Purple Snake, but this weekend it became a belt, a headband and also a tail that Daddy tied on to her. I think she liked the tail the best – she ran around chasing her tail for a while, which was very funny. I also took the movie, which is quite long so it’s a large file, but she is doing some pretty nice dancing. We have regular “dance parties” at home, and she quite enjoys that. Pretty much any music will do.

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