2 Years, 3 1/2 Months

Sylvan has been doing a lot more make believe play, such as diapering her dolls and Curious George with real diapers she takes from her room (see photos). She also has been mimicking other behaviors – she told me “Good Job Mommy” when I fixed her tower of blocks that fell over yesterday. She kisses my boo-boos and asks me if I’m OK when I say “ouch”. I wonder who the Mommy is sometimes, but I know she does this because this is what I do to her. It’s very sweet. You can see she had a great time with Cousin Julian, who LOVED driving Sylvan’s pink Cadillac (and anything that has wheels). Sylvan wasn’t too sure about him sharing her toys, but she did put up with it mostly. We did a big tour of playgrounds in Pittsburgh, because the weather was perfect for being outside and I wanted to visit my old stomping grounds. The castle playground was really fun, but the blue slide always takes the cake. Gram also bought Sylvan a new coat for the winter. Sylvan tried it on and liked it so much that she insisted on wearing it out to the playground across the street from Gram’s house. This was pretty funny, as it was slightly cool, but not that cool. She even wore the hood up!

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