2 Years, 2 Months

Sylvan was sick for a few days, and Steve got some good bonding time in with her at home while she recovered from a summer cold. Then Steve and I got the cold and were much sicker, of course. Itís been very hot here so we havenít played outside that much, but we did have a weekend of cooler days and we managed to break in the new playground equipment a little more. You can see Sylvan checking out the big double slide and trying to work up her courage. Now she goes down the big slide with no hesitation at all. There are some new kids in the neighborhood, but most are older than Sylvan is. I bought Sylvan a new purple feather boa. She likes to play with it, but not as a costume type thing Ė she says itís a snake and she arranges it on the floor and waves it around while hissing. She also walks on it like a tightrope on the floor. Her fascination with fire trucks is also continuing. I got her some fire truck pajamas, which are her very favorite now. She is modeling them below with a big smile.

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