19 Months

We have enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather here in the past week by playing outside and going to the park near our house. Sylvan has definitely entered the phase where toddlers are very conscious of things being in the right order and in the right place. She lines up the shoes and puts the blocks and legos back in their boxes when she is finished with them. She thrives on her routine and likes to keep to her schedule. She is very helpful and has done some things that have surprised me lately, like taking the wastebasket from the bedroom back to its spot after I brought it out to the living room to empty it. I didnít even ask her to do that. She also will run to her room when I ask if she needs clean pants or tell her itís nap time. She will hold onto the side of the crib and say ďnight nightĒ when itís nap time. The video you see linked here is a great one of her dancing to music from a toy. Itís 9MB, but it's well worth the download time if you have broadband.

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