18 1/2 Months

Sylvan is much more interested in the holidays this year. She enjoys putting a new sticker ornament on her Xmas tree advent calendar each day, playing with wrapping paper tubes, and watching the twinkle lights on the table top Christmas tree. We visited Santa at the mall, which Sylvan HATED. She was very scared and cried and fought the whole time, after Jenny waited in line for an hour to hold our spot. We have a lovely picture of Sylvan trying to kick Santa where it counts, for which we paid their exorbitant prices. Canít wait to go again next year! On Saturday we had a fun playdate with our friends in Maryland Ė the ones that we went to the Halloween Parade with, plus another friend and her son. The kids had a great time at the playground, and then again on a big swing hanging from a tree.

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