Snowy Day

Most of the snow came overnight, so we woke up to a thick blanket of heavy snow. We couldn’t believe how weighted down our maple tree was in the front yard! Sylvan was the only one that could walk under the branches hanging low over our front walk. Steve shoveled all the way back to the shed so we could get the sled out. The front slope was perfect for sledding. Sylvan had a great time, and we even got our neighbors, Nate, Allison, and Samantha to come and join the fun. We all built a big snowman and the kids helped decorate it. Gram was also in town, and she worked hard clearing off all our cars while the kids whooped and hollered sledding in the front yard. Once we got a look around the neighborhood we realized how lucky we were – many trees were uprooted and branches down, along with power and cable lines that came down on streets all around us. We had a short power outage but otherwise just enjoyed the day.

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