Skiing in MT

We took all the kids (Katie, Connor, Hayden and Sylvan) to Ski Discovery, which is our favorite ski place near Missoula. Sylvan had been asking to try skiing ever since she saw the Olympics on TV last year. She wanted to “go fast, no wheels” and she certainly did! It was pretty grueling on us, but Steve’s Uncle John met us there and he helped us teach her now to make “pizza” (snow plow) and “French fries” (parallel skis) just as the real ski instructors do. The pictures of her in action are not great, but she did ski by herself from one adult to another on the bunny hill. There was also a lot of falling down. Afterwards, we stopped at The Sweet Palace, a beautiful old timey candy store in Philipsburg, MT. Sylvan picked out a huge lollipop.

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