Seattle Visit

Sacha had a trade show in Portland, OR to work, so we made a big trip of it and stayed about 10 days in the Northwest. Auntie Jenny had business meetings in Seattle too, so she came long to enjoy the fun. We stayed with Matt, Molly and Miles and were able to see some of the new babies that were born since we last visited. Natasha is pictured here, as well as Alex’s baby brother, Andrew. The PEPs group got together for a potluck and we all enjoyed seeing the kids now able to talk to one another while playing together.

Sylvan and Miles still play together well, but they also are both two and find it hard to share without referees. It was an educational experience for all of us, and I hope Matt and Molly still consider us their friends. Sylvan taught Miles about “boogers” and Miles returned the favor by sharing his addiction to “Dora the Explorer” with Sylvan. Miles also taught Sylvan how to put her coat on by herself and got her interested in potty training again. We would really like to thank him for that. Sylvan has been doing a great job with peeing in the potty since our visit and is also doing well with it at school. Steve was so impressed with her new skills when we got home. Sylvan also learned how to use Miles’ computer. He showed her how to play the monster limbo game on the Sesame Street web site. It is amazing how good Miles is with using the mouse.

You can see in these pictures lots of dress up clothes that Miles has, as well as his fleet of vehicles. Sylvan was especially taken by the tricycle, although she couldn’t pedal herself around. Sylvan and Miles looked out the window for the trash truck, and they loved jumping on the inflatable toddler bed that we borrowed from Ken and Heidi. Sylvan also had a great time at Miles’ Kindermusik class, which she attended twice. She was praised by the teacher on how good she was at following directions and participating in the class.

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