Seattle Part II

Molly and Matt took us to a different Children’s Museum that was really cool. We probably could have spent a whole week there, there was so much to do. But, we focused our time in the water room, tree house and in the construction room. The construction room had patterns to follow, so Matt and Sacha helped Miles and Sylvan build this little car, which the kids rode around the room. Molly and Jenny helped them take it apart and clean up at the end. Micah cheered us on.

Our other big activity was getting our PEPS group together at Jill and John’s house. This involved a ferry ride, which the kids loved. Molly was very brave to take them all out on the deck – it was very windy. As you can see, we tried to get the kids to pose on the couch for a new group photo. It was hard to get everyone to stay still, smile and look at the cameras. Then we added all the younger siblings to the mix. Jill is pregnant now, so that means poor Sylvan will be the only one with no younger siblings. Tough luck. She has a great big brother and big sister.

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