Seattle Part I

As soon as we arrived at Molly and Matt’s house, Sylvan and Miles went off to play and the grown ups spent at least an hour talking without interruption. We decided this was definitely the life! There was a big difference in Sylvan and Miles – a lot less fighting over toys and a much greater ability to solve disagreements themselves without our intervention. They still have a really neat friendship, even though they haven’t seen each other in so long, and they still love to play together more than Sylvan plays with any other kid. Micah is a very easy going baby and super cute. We love his Mohawk! Miles is a very good big brother, and Sylvan was also good with Baby Micah. Sylvan and Miles had a great time playing The Balloon Game with Josh and Natasha over at Akane and Alex’s house. There was a lot of falling down and giggling.

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