Salmon Lake

Charlene treated the whole family to two nights at the Montana Island Lodge at Salmon Lake. We each got our own fancy room, there was a game room, big family room, hot tub outside, and a staff that took great care of us. They cooked us dinner and breakfast and generally let us laze about and play games, read, watch movies, etc. The lodge is on an island in the lake, and the lake was frozen, so you can see that we walked all over the lake while we were there. It snowed a lot while we were up there. We drank cocoa and stood by the fireplace after we came in from outside. We saw deer and ice fisherman out on the lake. Our last piece of luggage finally arrived and they drove it up to us, so we had Second Christmas up at Salmon Lake.

After leaving the lodge, we drove Connor up to his stepdad’s family cabin on Holland Lake to meet up with Jamie and Saxon. That was a real cabin – tiny and cozy with a big stone fireplace and things hung all over the walls. Any sitting surface was used as a bed at night. While we visited there, Sylvan had her first outhouse experience. She was pretty good about it, although she did say her bottom got cold.

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