Holiday Parties

Sylvan’s school put on their annual Holiday Party at the local community center and invited all the families to attend. The kids enjoyed stamping their feet and dancing on the stage, running all over the big room and performing several holiday songs. The whole thing was topped off with a visit from Santa himself at the end. We enjoyed watching Sylvan playing with her girlfriends – many pictures of them here show them sharing “huggies” that ended with all of them falling into a heap on the floor. Her best buds are Margo (in glasses), Carlene (red headband), and Irina (blonde w/ black dress). Sylvan’s teacher, Miss Janet, is also in some of the pictures trying to get them organized on the stage. The Elf Dancing video was taken while she was getting ready for the party.

We also had “A Very SCarey Christmas” this week, and had a nice brunch and gift exchange with Sacha’s family. We all got lots of nice things, but the big highlight was the purple Mexican dress that Auntie brought Sylvan from Cozumel. You can see her doing Flamenco dancing in it right after she got it. It looks just like the dress that Maria the Flamenco dancer wears in Riverdance, except it is even better because it is PURPLE. She also loves her Princess dolls and Polly Pocket dolls that she received. The Blues Clues underwear also got a great response. Who knew?

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