Halloween 2007

Sylvan (Woodland Fairy) had a Halloween Parade at school, and had fun posing with her friends Alisa (Barbie Fairy) and Margo (Dorothy). Miss Janet surprised us by putting some makeup on the kids to enhance their costumes. I thought it looked so neat that I added a bunch of glitter to Sylvan’s face before she went trick or treating later on. Sylvan The Woodland Fairy went trick or treating with Allison The Witch Fairy and Julian, who did not wear his costume. Sylvan’s cousin Julian, who lives in Austria, had never celebrated Halloween, was very suspicious of it all. He was very nervous and watched from his stroller about half way around the block, and then got into the action. He loved running from house to house with Sylvan and Allison, and could not believe he could get candy just by ringing the bell and saying “trick or treat”.

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