Ellie's Wedding

Ellie and Dave got married at Heinz Chapel, which is also where Steve and I got married almost exactly 7 years before. It was the hottest day of the year, and the Chapel does not have air conditioning. As you can see, it was very hot and we all sweated a lot. We all enjoyed the big fan in the dressing room, and Ellie did her Marilyn Monroe impression in her wedding gown. Sylvan performed wonderfully as flower girl and we had a great time meeting Dave’s family. Lily’s brother and sister-in-law flew in from Sofia for the festivities and even came to visit DC for a few days.

The wedding reception was held at Heinz Hall, and Sylvan quickly befriended the waiter with the tray of chocolate covered strawberries. He stooped over many times so she could help herself. Connor, who was naturally somewhat bored by the whole affair, did a great job taking beautiful pictures of the tables, flowers, and the architecture of Heinz Hall. Once the lights turned down and the music started, Sylvan turned into the life of the party. She danced and danced and danced … nothing could get her off the dance floor, not even wedding cake! She stayed up over 2 hours later than she EVER has, and even then she cried when we dragged her off the dance floor.

After the wedding festivities, we went over to our favorite -- the blue slide park. Even Connor enjoyed going down the slide and took some fun movies.

Here is a movie of Sylvan dancing the night away at Ellie’s wedding, and a second movie of Sylvan and Connor on the blue slide.

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