Before Christmas

Our trip started out with a 9 hour delay in the airport due to a mechanical problem. As soon as we got Sylvan settled down in the floor for a nap, they finally called everyone for boarding! It was a very long day, followed by the discovery that NONE of our luggage arrived with us. But we were happy to be with family, and they were kind enough to open their closets for a few days while we waited, argued, and fought to get our bags. At 4 PM on Christmas Eve, it became apparent that our bags were still lost, and with them, two very important gifts that Sylvan had asked Santa to bring her. Steve, Hayden and Connor set out on Operation Save Christmas. Luckily, Connor knew exactly where to go in Missoula to find a purple rubber ducky and a princess doll in a pink dress. They also picked up a new car seat, and we were all set!

Charlene had brought a fancy tutu and Christmas Elf costume home from her dance studio, and Sylvan wore them both while we waited for our clothes to arrive.

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