April Club Libby Lu

First the girls were given a bag and invited to choose three items from the display for their goodie bags. They had to pick from a variety of accessories such as barrettes, headbands, ponytail holders, etc. Then they were given some dress up clothes to wear, and they got to choose from three different characters for their hair and make up: the Princess, the DJ and the Rock Star. Most of the girls chose the Princess, which is an updo with a tiara. One chose the DJ, which included a pink plastic headset and one chose the Rock Star, which included clip on fake hair that was pink and black. You can see the process of Sylvan getting her updo and tiara. After the hair was up, they sprayed glitter spray on it, and stuck silver stickers on their faces. Then they put on eye shadow and lip gloss from a compact for each girl, and finally, painted their nails and dumped on more glitter. At the end, they lined up pictures, did a round of limbo, danced to Gwen Stefani (chosen by the birthday girl) and played one more game. Then they carefully removed the dress up clothes, collected their goody bags and went to the food court in tiaras, glitter and makeup, for cake and presents. It was quite a time. The kids loved it.

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