3 Years, 1 Month

Sylvan got this pretty plaid dress for her birthday, and wore it to the dentistís office for her first check up. The visit went very well, and we learned about all the good and bad cereals, how to brush properly, and she did great during her teeth cleaning. She got her picture taken with the dentist and some special stickers and stamps in the book they gave her to chronicle the visit. She also was loaded down with balloon and assorted prizes for being so good. Auntie Suzanne told her this was a twirly dress, so I showed her how she could make it twirl out.

Sylvan also had her first donut. She picked it out at the store and seemed to know it was going to be special, even before she started eating it. Must have been those sprinkles on the top. She was hesitant at first, but finally picked off a few sprinkles and after some encouragement, bit into it and got messy. That donut was gone in one sitting, even though it was nearly as big as Sylvan is. I am sure it wonít be her last donut.

We had lots of terrible thunderstorms here that resulted in bad flooding all around us and some water in our basement. Sylvan enjoyed being able to wear her ladybug boots, raincoat and umbrella during those rainy days.

Gram gave Sylvan a Chinese fan, just like the one Gram carries in her purse and uses on hot days. Sylvan was fascinated and spent a long time fanning herself and everyone else around her. Sometimes this was rather scarey for the fan-ee, because she would sometimes miss and swat you in the face.

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