2 Years, 7 Months

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our friends’ Alexis and Alphonse’s house just days before we moved. Sylvan helped me make 2 pecan pies for the holiday. She really enjoys cooking. Sylvan and Steve also had fun playing the leaves out in the courtyard before we moved. Sylvan also started making some funny faces while saying “Wokka Wokka Wokka” (like Fozzie Bear from the muppets, which she has never seen). I have no idea where she got this, but it is pretty funny, so she keeps doing it. We made a lot of trips to the bank in the days leading up to the house settlement and she made friends with some of the tellers there. They gave her a bunch of lollipops, and you can see her eating a blue one here. She thought it made her tongue look pretty neat.

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