2 Years, 7 1/2 Months

Sylvan loves to cut paper. This is something she does at school and started asking to do at home. She just sits there and cuts up pieces of newspaper, catalogs, whatever you give her. We don’t have any safety scissors yet, so she uses the little blunt tipped nail scissors that we keep in her room. She also had a great time dancing to “Punk Rock Girl” with Katie and Connor, while wearing her black boots and a tutu. One day Katie scooped Sylvan up from her nap and Sylvan was still feeling cuddly. She gave Katie the excellent sisterly cuddles that you see in these pictures. Katie and Sylvan made a chocolate cake together and we celebrated an early birthday for Katie with candles and singing. Steve’s Iraqi interpreter painted a lovely picture of Sylvan from photos and sent it to us. Sylvan did recognize herself in the painting. Those were some of our activities during the days off between Christmas and New Year’s. I hope we have a chance to spend more time like this in 2006.

Click here to watch Sylvan singing Jingle bells. (3MB)

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