2 Years, 2 Weeks

Sylvan has many friends born around the same time she was, so we have been making the rounds at birthday parties. We attended Aidanís (the red headed boy in the photos) pool party on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. He goes to daycare with Sylvan and was born on the exact same day as she was. Adi (the dark haired boy), another daycare friend, also attended, along with a bunch of friends and family that we didnít know before. This was the first time in a while that Sylvan had gone swimming, so we wondered how she would do. She did great and had a wonderful time. She even jumped in from the stairs and kept herself afloat in a swim ring without a seat (for a few minutes with dad right there). Aidan had an Elmo theme at his party too, and Sylvan loved all the party favors, bubble machine, and toy fishing game in the wading pool. They set up an Elmo sprinkler after Sylvan had already changed from her suit, but she was watching all the other kids run through. She was too scared, but you can see Aidan trying to convince her to run through with him. She finally screwed up all her courage and ran through, into my arms on the other side. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of that, but you can see her looking damp and self-satisfied afterwards. You can also see in one of the pool photos that I painted Sylvanís toenails bright red for summer. She likes them a lot, although itís hard to get her to sit still long enough for the polish to dry. She is also very into wearing a sun hat and sunglasses and seeing herself in the mirror wearing them. She likes to put the sunglasses up on her head like I do Ė itís funny.

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