2 Years, 10 Months

Sylvan was highly amused when Steve showed her his juggling skills. She wanted to try it herself, and had a great time throwing the plastic eggs up in the air and jumping all around while shrieking. Watch the movie for the best effect.

We had a weekend of very warm weather, so we spent a whole day outside working on the yard. Our neighbor, Allison, came over for a while to hijack Sylvan’s baby dolls and stroller. She wasn’t very good at sharing, but Sylvan was mostly interested in hopscotch at that point. They did have fun drawing with sidewalk chalk together.

Sylvan got the balloon bunny ears from a clown that Jenny and Sacha visited with. She did a great bunny hop around the house with the ears on.

The other movie is Sylvan in bartender training class.

You can also see Sylvan playing Pastry Chef with her baking set, and her St. Patrick’s Day outfit of green, orange and white.

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