2nd Birthday Party

After much agonizing over where to hold the festivities, we finally decided to just gamble on the weather and have the party outside at our local park with a great playground, swings, sandbox, etc. We invited all of the local family, plus three of Sylvanís small friends. Unfortunately, all of the little people couldnít make it, except for our neighborhood friend, Evan, and his family. Sylvan was quite the little hostess and insisted on sitting around with all of her guests in her purple lawn chair, instead of enjoying the playground. She did get some fun time in the sandbox with Evan and Gram, however. We had an Elmo cake and balloons, and she seemed to enjoy all of it. She opened most of her presents there at the park, and we managed to get everything back in the cars and home before the big black clouds let loose with a terrible storm that evening. Big thank-yous to all of my family that helped with chairs, tables, coolers, bubble machine, and set-up and tear-down.

Canít wait for next yearís festivities!

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