23 Months, 3 Weeks

There was a lot going on this week. We really like decorating the sidewalk with chalk drawings. Sylvan directs me on what to draw and enjoys looking at the pictures for days to come (unless it rains). We drove to Rich and Maryann’s on the Bay to spend Mother’s Day with them. Sylvan fell asleep in the car with her tongue sticking out. Daddy managed to catch it in a photo before she pulled it back in. Daddy also let Sylvan go outside barefooted – she is fascinated by this. You can see her here enjoying that and watching her own feet as she walks barefoot. Sylvan also found a set of facepainting crayons and Daddy offered to draw a kitty face. She was very patient during the drawing process, but was very upset when she saw herself. We thought she was afraid that it was permanent, so we took it off to show her it was removable. Its absence proved even more distressing, and she wanted Daddy to draw it again. He did, but she was again afraid when she saw herself in the mirror. We took it off (again) and then Uncle Scottie arrived and provided enough distraction that the cycle ended. We won’t do *that* again soon. You can also see Sylvan beeping Mommy’s nose and playing the OH! game. Auntie bought Sylvan these biker boots a while ago and I finally got her to wear them. As you can imagine, she got many compliments on them at dance class that day.

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