20 Months 3 Weeks

Sylvan got lots of valentines, which she loves because they all had animals on them. We went sledding in our courtyard when it snowed, which was great fun. She got to wear a purple tutu at dance class the past two weeks, and I managed to catch her crying during a fit recently. Can’t remember what that was about.

She is saying more phrases now – some are just her repeating what you say like “be right back” but some are her own “mommy go potty.” She also is doing a better job at pronouncing words – she has added the final consonant on words that she used to say using only the first consonant and vowel. She says “cats” instead of “ca” for example. She does still shorten longer words – “dinosaur” is “saur” and “octopus” is “puss”. But sometimes she tries to say the whole word. She is still impatient with using words when she gets upset though, even though I think she would get better results if she would use words instead of me guessing what her problem is. We are working on that.

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